Sunday, March 01, 2009

Kangsar Road 靓姐鸡粥/饭菜

I went to here immediately after the 2nd day I read about it from gourmetgarden .

靓姐鸡粥/饭菜(鸡腿饭, BBQ鸡饭, 猪脚醋, 鸡脚, 油菜).
This stall opens earlier than the Cintra Street one. Therefore for those who prefer to have their dinner earlier, this one definitely is a good choice!

The pak zham kai was smooth. Eat it by dipping the whole cut of the chicken together with its skin onto the soya sauce is heavenly good! Pls...don't spoil the taste with chilli sauce, dear. We appreciate pak zham kai by eating it plain and soft touch of soya sauce ok?!

I personally think that the CINTRA STREET one is still better than this one. The pak zham kai here was not soaked in cold water(!). See the difference?!

The plain porridge was served with yao zhar kwai. It's very smooth but a bit HOT lah! My tongue was nearly 'burnt' (!) :p You got to be patient ok, if not then it's better for you to opt for rice then.

Some other side dishes that we ordered.

Lor nui & tao kua (more.....)

Hop to Kangsar Road 靓姐鸡粥/饭菜 for full view of this post.