Monday, November 02, 2009

Chopper Board - don't hiam if you are broke :)

Chopper Board @ Queensbay

I guess whenever I am broke, Chopper Board is considered a better choice than the rest if I want to get a cheap+MHBP meal (MHBP=mai hiam beh pai) in a shopping mall. :)

Is it since day one they gonna great you like this "W-E-L-C-O-M-E~~~~~~~~~!!!" (wah..very kawai accending tone, slightly ta lang zhan lah me :) ) whenever they see you stepping into their restaurant?! Or just recently huh?!

I could see that this outlet is handled by all youngsters.

Chopper Soup RM2.60. This is its signature dish but then I always felt that the kang hu kia is sandpapering my throat after swallowing a few spoons.
Black Pepper Chix Rice Set RM6.20. Set comes with a ginseng drink. This is one of the safest dishes to order at the Chopper Board. (Chilli paste is a bit tooo keng for me lah, I got to skip eating it).

I tried to be more daring and it ended up....................

Fish Noodle Soup Set RM7.50. Clear soup with tomato, fish slices and 唯一 instant noodles.
C-h-e-n-g c-h-e-n-g t-e-i loh! I started to appreciate this soup after eating the roti below.

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