Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Liak Kappa

Yesterday 4x of us went to Teluk Kumbar to liak kappa after work! It was a last-minute decision made during our morning breaktime, mind you. :) We went there with office wear and used the rubber band to 'sok' our pants up. :)

These are our 'sao wok' after ~ 2 hrs of hard work!

The champion went to H. We should crown her as "kappa queen" already!

JB got the 1st runner up.

Wdy and I shared this, pai lor boey! *pai sey* :)

JB sister one. Also damn banyak!

So that's how our kappas look like after cooked. They were really sweet and fresh.
I told the rest that after this time of liak kappa session, "I will appreciate every BIJI of kappa I eat next time, coz now I know that catching them are really 粒粒皆辛苦!"

Kaki lenguh, tangan lenguh, basah sungguh!