Sunday, April 22, 2007

X Chao

We 5x went to this X chao to have tong shui. Some had dinner, some had supper.

The restaurant owner forbidded me taking the photos of her menu and dishes.

She said," We do not allow ppl taking photos on our menu. Dishes too."

She said," A lot of ppl are taking photographs without our permission." but she did not explain why.

We just said OK, no problem at all. We respected her policy lah. After all we were not there to 'steal' her whatever stuffs or ideas wor. It's just sort of hobbies nia nia.

I don't know what has happened to them before lah.

I just had difficulty understanding what her problem is. As long as you are not revealing your secret recipe to public, what are you afraid of?

Hmm...may be she is scared of ppl following her menu design and dishes type/variety. *shrugged*

To me, this is rather ridiculous. How well can you control it? Nowadays ppl are having cameraphones with high tech zoom feature etc, let alone those 'needle' cameras.

Ok, say you are super famous, you got enough ppl to know your restaurant / stall already, no need ppl to kepoh.

If you do not want your restaurant to gain publicity, then why you still need to post advertisement in newspaper lately?

At the end of the day when we cleared the bill, she offered to give us the new bill with all the dishes names completely listed down there. That made me even more confuse leh, does that mean that she believed that ppl won't steal her idea by looking at the list (menu) but only pictures?

*garu garu kepala*

I felt like telling her this,"Taukeh sow, SMILE more lah".