Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tao @ E-gate

Tao @ E-gate

We ~25x colleagues had a farewell dinner for KKK at Tao on Tuesday night. Very long time no ppl resign odi, that's why we were all "geared up" for this makan festival.

We ladies gang table ~10x ordered the following dishes. I took pic on 1 dish nia lah, I makan also beh huu liao, somemore wanna take pic?! :)

These were what I like : Tofu, raw fishes, steamed egg, steamed eel. Mind you, you are NOT allowed to 'customize' your order by only choosing salmon / tuna one har.... That's why it made you geram loh for having to swallow the other two types of undesirable raw seafood. :)

Super oily one came liao..... beef, lamb, salmon, dunno-what.

Moderate oily one.....salmon, 串烧, tempura, dunno-what.

This was the most popular one, scallop. 3x dishes ordered.
I also like these dishes. spicy crab stick, vinegar octopus (potong till very tiny pcs), fried yam roll, California handroll.

For the octopus vinegar, they asked "what is this? "Octopus loh." "No see bayang pun?" "Got, nah... *I chopstick-ed it up and showed them* " goodness! iu mek mek..."

The fried yam roll made me malu nia. It was so damn 'hot' inside (the core there - that yam) when I had my first bite on it. I was halfway blowing 'hoo-har' you know. Then I saw Mdy was about to PUT it into the mouth, I quickly shouted, "Shio! shio! shio! (hot ! hot ! hot!) to alert Mdy with my mouth 'O-shaped' by having yam roll inside, so狼狈 !

Whatever dishes that we couldn't finish one, we passed to the table at the back - Guys one! Haha! It's actually syiok lah for coming out to eat together in such big group. That way we managed to order a lot of dishes to try out. Btw, both ladies and gentlemen' tables got something in common - We did not order any sushis, ha! Seng muk leh.

We were given 10% discount due to coming before 6p.m. and left before 8p.m. We paid RM48.5o each.

Btw, there was one 'late-comer' table (shh...........) of our gang which ate till si peh chuan loh at the end and called us for HELP! when we two tables were about to cabut. Why? coz they nearly got charged by not finishing up the rice & sushi dishes mainly. Mind you, got policy on any leftover 100g being charged RM10 mah.

Next visit shall go to Tao Juruautocity! :)