Sunday, April 29, 2007

Raja Uda 唐人食

We 5x went to Machang Bubuk 天后圣母 to 拜拜抽签. Then shun pien dropped by Tokun Hutan Lipur 森林茶坊 yum char 吹水讲废话. Then went to Raja Uda newly opened (sin jamban:)) <唐人食> then followed by tong shui at Chai Leng Park- Wai Sek Kai. A lot of 冤枉路 due to we all old ppl got slight difficulty in recognizing the roads at night.

唐人食 @ new shop lot (beside Shell), Raja Uda. The price is not expensive actually but the dishes were just so-so. No comment lah but you should know what I mean. If comment more lagi kena pula I from those 'anonymous'.

Thanks to tai lou W for belanja.