Monday, April 23, 2007

I have to relate this post to Delicacies Corner

Sorry I have to put this post under Delicacies Corner instead of the Main.

Just now when having dinner at Fang Yuan, there were a couple (looked like age ~23-28 yrs old) coming in when we were about to finish ours.

The lady was very tall ~174cm, with plastic-surgery-high-nose and big boobs (this one I am not sure liao) :) wearing cincai sleeveless top and short pants carrying a big bag, with sandals (very casual, without makeup pun). Beside her was a guy, so-so, slightly shorter than her, long sleeves shirt and long pants (like office wear), wearing specs (not the polite bookworm type) but also not very kasar like lan chai type lah.

Since the restaurant only got two tables occupied at that time, therefore it's quiet and we managed to hear what they ordered, but not every sentence k.

" any hai som dish?" The guy asked.
"Got....with scallop, hai bee all cooked in claypot".
"OK, one."
"Got that one green green colour one or not?"
"Yah! right! Pls cook with........."
On and off the lady also tup zhui and joked lah when the taukeh kai siao dishes to them. Her voice was very low type, like Michelle Lee (Lei Kar Yan) so sexy. :)
The taukeh sek chyuu siong," you guys want to eat bao yu chee (abalone soup) or not? cook with blah blah....."
"How much?" The guy asked.
"OK, get one. Got any other dishes to recommend?"
"How about Tofu?"
They ordered 4 to 5 dishes at the end. The bill should be ~RM70.

I could see that the lady was nodding - implying "Yes" everytime when the guy placed the order. She was satisfied.

I looked at this couple. I si peh yan seong this guy lah for his generosity. He was chasing this lady (I think not at the initial stage odi loh) and he really was not kiam siap in treating his lady good meals. I did not mean "good" by looking at what they ordered, but it's the 'sim' and sincerity that I should say - this guy was making an effort as what a NORMAL guy should do.

Fyi, this Fang Yuan is not a high class restaurant lah, just a normal small restaurant which is ...I should say that gradually going down the slope already since dikalahkan oleh Double Gd. Price wise, my table with 3 adults + 1 kid only RM35 (we got the hai som too).

That reminded me of ......... not only one, but a few LCL who behaved totally kiam ku that you can only react by ...
(a) turned speechless, totally shocked.
(b) pui chao nuar.
(c) shaking head, mou ngan tai.
(d) don't-you-ever-asking-me-to-look-back
(e) All above

I guess by one day when I am freelance later, may be I can start writing a novel and tell all of you the stories. :)

Sorry to be mean, but I just couldn't help it *#%x#*! when I witnessed today how a guy is treating a lady. It's a knife cut on me.