Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sakae Sushi

Sakae Sushi @ Queensbay

Lilian ajak me last minute for dinner the other night.

My first time there mah, so of coz MUST snap photos of these things loh...sua par kow hor?! :)

We ordered SASHIMI! *yeah yeah alright, I know I have been keeping myself away from sashimi pretty long lah due to takut cacing* This time, 破例一次 loh coz she is also a sashimi and wasabi kaki! 杀啦!

Hmm....the raw fish were all good. Raw sotong was kinda 'plastic', did not like it. I have never tasted raw prawn before,so hmmm.....like Lilian said," SWEET!" hoho, ok, tasted good lah.

Then we went down to LG there to buy green tea ice cream cone and halfway chit-chatting, halfway licking the ice cream, halfway window shopping.