Thursday, November 19, 2009

Soba Yoshi new menu looks KENG!

Soba Yoshi @ Krystal Point

It's been ages since I last stepped into Soba Yoshi. I couldn't recall what are the reasons (until reaching end of the meal here).

I had a high-schoolmate-gathering with three ladies recently and guess what?! What impressed me the most is its new menu.

Two of us who arrived early flipping the menu from front till back, back till front..... repeatedly for more than 15 minutes and still we were indecisive of which to order. The menu is simply too attractive with great photos illustration, it has far more choices if compared to last time! MORE affordable price for set too (yeah, last time NOT)!

Appetizer served is s-a-u-s-a-g-e-s?! What?! Ahem.... *shrugged*

Chawan Mushi served in bento set. Good texture with big slices of mushrooms.

Tempura Soba & Temaki - hot noodles with mix tempura & handroll (RM18.00+)


Soba Yoshi Bento
- its signature bento! (RM58.00+). I believe this worths the price if being compared to that pathetic EQ bento set. :)

Soba Yoshi Bento consists of : tempura, unagi, shitake yasai itame, assorted sashimi & sushi, inari or cold soba, served with chawan mushi, miso shiru and dessert.

Succulent shitake mushroom!

Crunchy Tempura! 

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