Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gold Coast Restaurant (金海岸餐館) 值得一試!

Gold Coast Restaurant @ Island Park (青草巷).

On the way down to Dewan Sri for PFS concert, BZ who likes to eat chu char brought us to Gold Coast for dinner.

We didn't realize there are actually set meals offered here until ...

"Jup! Aunty! We want to change, ei sai boh?" *Grin~~Luckily boleh!*

Value Set Meals

We changed to order value set (RM28 set) and top up with additional fish dish.

Soup of the day is Shanghai Chai Chicken Soup. We love the milky soup, not too sour, ngam ngam hoe!

Beancurd with Abalone Sauce. We finished this dish the fastest!


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