Wednesday, March 04, 2009

晋美茶行(馆) (Chin Bee)

Criz has blogged about it. Steven too. Now it's my turn. :)

家好骨 (Special Pork Ribs) (RM18.00) - This one is really a thumb-up-dish! I enjoyed each part of them! Be it the outer fatty part, or the rib part. It's cooked to perfection, not too soft nor too hard, and coated with sweet appetizing sauce.

参球炒面 (RM15.00) - This one is not inside the menu. You can order any dishes that you want OK? You can order any mix & match that you like and they will be glad to fulfil your needs. This one comes with yee-fu-mee and generous serving of ingredients.

四大天王(RM12.00) - this is another dish that deserves thumbs-up! There were 4x kings aka long beans, lady fingers and si kak tao (one more king leh ????) , fried with sambal, chilli and prawns. I particularly enjoyed eating the lady fingers, it's not lembik (soft) and I could even have the 'crunchy' feel!


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