Saturday, March 28, 2009

Korea Palace BBQ Restaurant

Korea Palace BBQ Restaurant @ Tanjung Tokong (after my favourite 龍馬日本料理 Ryoma Japanese Restaurant )

Korean cuisine is mainly Sour & Spicy + BBQ. Sei for, 撞正我死穴!:p

How how how?! Die how? Go first then die later lah ! :p

The appetizers served.

The soothing cold Korean tea.

The waiter said, "Oh, if you order one BBQ dish only, then they gonna cook inside the kitchen and bring it out, NOT SO NICE. If you order two dishes of BBQ, then we set up the stove here and cook here, taste NICER!" Wah...........I suddenly got the feeling like a 'waterfish' woh. :p
The BBQ stove. OK, let's get started with step 1-2-3.

The beef RM50 (the receipt is in KOREAN-pronounciation english wordings...alamak! so I couldn't recall the exact words in english :))
Wah nice leh the presentation! Rolling it up and stacking them up in 45 degrees. White vs Red. So chio!

The BEST part is.........the waitress cooked for us. (more.....)

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