Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bravo Italiana (New Menu) Part I

This is another food review session @ Bravo Italiana, thanks to PenangTuaPui. My first visit at Bravo Italiana was a pretty satisfactory one. Therefore the night when I was told about the food testing on its newly launched menu, I jumped up HIGH! :p

When seeing the photos below, don't be astonished and garu-garu kepala asking "How come cariso can shoot like photographer uh?!". Haha! Those nice photos were mostly taken by Albert Yap from CamoStudio and also some shots were taken by Allie .

Mind you, I am being rather stringent in the below rating and review. :)

This reminded me of a song at nursery, "A mask for you, a mask for me. Boo Boo Boo! Who can it be?!"

Mixed Bean Soup (RM4.00) - My rating 7/10
Soup of the day, comes with red bean, potato, carrot, onion and pasta. I was in fact astonished at the amount of ingredients used. This is definitely better than a lot of other ‘soups of the day’ as it’s indeed big portion and rather filling. The red bean is very soft. As a gentle reminder, one must not order this prior to eating cabonara spaghetti or any other heavy dishes.

Bruschetta (RM8.80) - My rating 4/10
Toasted bread topped with plum tomato, Italian herbs, olive oil and melted cheese. It’s rather plain in taste except overwhelmed by the sourish taste of plum tomatoes. As it's been exposed to the air for a rather long time before I ate, the moment when I tasted it, the cheese was no longer sticky but turned solid and therefore didn't seem to blend well with the ingredients and bread. The toasted bread generally is rather hard, it would be nicer if it’s toasted mildly. The herbs didn’t seem to add any flavors onto the toast though.

Spaghetti Carbonara (RM24) My rating 5/10 (more.....)

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