Monday, March 23, 2009

Karaikudi Restaurant (Part 2)

Kashmiri Naan (RM6.00) - Dry fruits stuffed in naan . (My rating : 8/10)

Inside was stuffed with dessicated coconut slices. It tasted sweet and not that oily. This is another surprise to me. I found that most of the dishes here are not as oily as I could have thought of.

Here comes my favourite dish ladies fingers !!!!!!
Ladies Finger Pepper Fry (RM7.00) - Sliced ladies finger deep-fried and sauteed with pound black pepper. (My rating: 9/10)
To my surprise, the ladies fingers were not crunchy but CHEWY! Rich in pepper & onion taste. This is really a very different style of ladies fingers which I've never tasted elsewhere.

Mutton Chukka Varuval (RM18.00) - Diced mutton saute with Chettinad spices. (My rating 5/10)
Despite being super spicy, the mutton itself in actual is very nicely prepared as it's cooked till very soft. Too bad that I couldn't take more as it turned out the most spicy dish of the night!

Chettinad Potato Masala (RM6.00) - (more.....)

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