Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Azuma Japanese Restaurant Promotions of The Month

Azuma Japanese Restaurant @ Queensbay (beside Harvey Norman)

I was very impressed with Azuma's Promotions of the Month when I visited it last Sunday.

Shoyu Shiromi Sashimi (RM12) - Creamy butterfish sashimi marinated in shoyu sauce.
Butterfish is one of my favourite Sashimi's as it's creamy, jelly soft and never 'kar beh tui' ( 咬不斷). In their ala carte menu, Shiromi Sashimi (Raw butterfish, 奶油魚刺身) ALONE costs RM25. The ala carte one is without shoyu marinated sauce.

For March, their set of the month is ......
Tori Shisho & Shake Cheese Maki (RM18) - Steamed chicken rolls, garnished with Shisho leaves and special sauce. Salmon mayo maki with grilled cheese. Served with rice, chawan mushi and miso soup.

By adding RM2, you can change the rice to Niniku Chahan (Garlic rice 蒜米炒飯). Wah.....flexible woh! 很窩心 :)


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