Monday, March 16, 2009

Xin Jiang 星江小食档

Xin Jiang Zhu Char @ Sungai Ara

The zhu char stall at this area has never been good except the Jalan Tengah one. Somemore nowadays Jalan Tengah one is also getting more and more expensive already. *shrugged*

Now finally I've found a stall that served more special kinda dishes (in other words, more 'pattern' or 'far san') with moderately high quality, cooked in delicate style and yet reasonably priced.

It's located at the XIN JIANG CAFE (night time) where the morning session is run by 天天來港式點心茶坊 (Tien Tien Lai Dim Sum Corner).

黄 酒 鸡 丁 (Chicken cubes in 'yellow' wine) RM6.00
This one is very special. Initially when we ordered I thought it's going to be served in fried style, but it actual it's in 'soup' version. The soup is great with rich aroma of wine and simple ingredients e.g. chicken cube, black fungus and wolfberries. I have never had enough of it. :)

咸 鱼 蒸 肉 片 (Steamed pork with salted fish) RM8.00
This steamed pork tasted awesomely good with shreds of salted fish plus the the addition of spring onions with red chillis added slight spicy flavour to this dish, made it a perfect match.


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