Monday, March 23, 2009

Karaikudi Restaurant (Part 1)

Karaikudi Restaurant @ Market Street, the heart of "Little India Penang".

This is an invited food review arranged by PenangTuaPui. Frankly speaking, I wouldn't have explored this Indian restaurant by my own if it's not the invitation extended by them. For me, I have this equation in mind, "Indian food = Spicy". Therefore I took this golden opportunity wishing that Karaikudi could prove me wrong. :)

It's a Friday night. A FLY-day as it's begining of the weekend!

It opens 364 days! The only day off is Deepavali Holiday! Phew~! Salute!!

"Wahlau ei! " was the first sentence muttered from my mouth when I first stepped into the restaurant.

Yellow lighting. I love it! :) It would be sooooooooo great if we could have been seated downstair that night. What a pity to me! :)


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