Thursday, November 12, 2009

Japin Set Meal

Japin @ Queensbay Mall

Japin evolves from a restaurant having lots of tong shui (here ) when it first opened, became more expensive with less tong shui variety, and now, perhaps it's the third generation of menu?! with more reasonably-priced set meals offered.

My last visit to Japin was actually 2 yrs ago at Japin (again?) , a rather disappointing one.

Hancha Setto (Fried Rice & Syoyu Ramen Set) RM16.80+

Kimchi, mashed potato, soup ramen, fried rice, salad and fruit. Rate ? SO SO.

Kimuchi Cyahan Bento (Kimuchi Fried Rice Set) (RM13.80+) . This set comes with gyozo (fried dumpling). Again, SO SO neh!

When this set was served, the gyozos were actually served 'upside down' one. I got to flip them by myself.

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