Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tutti Frutti Set Lunch (Weekdays)

Tutti Frutti Set Lunch Meal (Weekdays only) @ Tesco Extra , Sungai Dua.

Oh....Now only I realized the Set Lunch here is actually a separate menu from Set Dinner /Weekend Set Lunch (which you could find here at Tutti Frutti Drunken Chicken is still very trademark-ed! )

No additional service charges nor government tax.

This price is for WEEKDAYS only.
Set Lunch + Drink of your choice : coke, tea, coffee, fruit juice of the day.
Set A : Le Chic Noodle + Drink = RM9.80
Set B : Nutty Noodle + Drink = RM9.80
Set C : Drunken Chicken Rice + Soup + Drink = RM11.90
Set D : Drunken Chicken Noodle + Soup + Drink = RM11.90
Set E : Black Pepper Spaghetti + Soup + Drink = RM12.90
Set F : Sizzling Lemon Chicken + Soup + Drink = RM12.90
Set G : Cafe De Tutti Spaghetti + Soup + Drink = RM13.50
Set H : Seafood Cheese Bake Rice + Soup + Drink RM13.50
Set I : Mexi Chicken Ham Spaghetti + Soup + Drink = RM13.90

Soup - No, this is not what we expected but we won't be surprised it's being served so since this is a value meal. The soup is 'instant' type, got it?!

Set I = Mexi Chicken Ham Spaghetti

Set D = Drunken Chicken Noodle. Yup, it's instant noodle. Again, like the rice set, the noodle serving is small if compared to the drunken chicken.

Set C = Drunken Chicken Rice . This time we 'seng muk' already, ADD RICE! 

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