Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dave's Deli 30% off with disappointment

Dave's Deli @ Queensbay

The banner said "30% OFF for Mon-Thu only, ALL DAY LONG".

I have had lunch at Dave Deli for several times before and I found it pretty ok, MHBP lah since it's far cheaper compared to Kenny Rogers and Nandos nearby.

This time, somemore ALL DAY LONG. Dinner also can get 30% woh!

Quarter roasted chicken is normally @ RM13.90. With 30% off, it only costs you RM9.73 nett.

BUT......What I got from this 30% off is DISAPPOINTMENT.

Chicken is CHICKEN. Gravy is GRAVY. Kao hmm mai loh!

Whenever ordering more than 1 plate, there bound to have some gonna take the chicken wing with whole chunk of breast part. (not shown in this pic though) :(

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