Saturday, November 07, 2009

Haven Delights Buffet

Haven Delights Buffet @ Times Square

The ambience is cozy and cool.

This corner (counter items) is a little bit beh khi.

Winter melon soup, pretty oily. Why not serving some lou for tong uh? :)

GREEN TEA is totally beh khi. Not only the colour is out, it has no green tea taste at all.

This is the ONE! :) This has been served as my drink instead. I had a few bowls of this.

Cold Cut (冷盤) - all the cold dishes tasted good!

Tako Sunomono (章魚醋物) [1 serving]

Eel Tofu (鳗魚豆腐) [1 serving]

Higawari Chukamono (每日醋物) & Hijiki (日式海帶絲) [1 serving]

Sashimi Karapachio (西日刺身) [2 servings]

Hotzz Abalone (熱熱鲍魚片) [this is for 3 servings]. We ordered 12 servings in total. :)

Sashimi (刺身)

Shichiten Sashimi -3 kind 7 pcs (七) 刺身 - Very fresh.

[for 2 servings]

[for 1 serving]

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