Thursday, October 16, 2008

Meals @ Adeline Rest House, Gopeng (Part II)

Breakfast @ Day 2, before going for caving in Gua Kandu!!

He served us the roti bakar (using charcoal).

Later on then only I realized he is also our guide for wet abseiling oi!

The round bread

This time I seng muk already, I brought along my energy bar. Indeed during halfway caving I was yelling "aiyoh, hungry loh!" again.

Lunch @ Day 2 @ Waterfall, right after wet abseiling!!!

See? it's like picnic! Hohoho!!!

Having lunch beside a waterfall. I truly enjoyed this meal too!

Plus chinese tea somemore......Wah! 好嘆啊!

Yeah, it's definitely all FUN when we were there. However It's NO MORE FUN when coming back home. 6 /8 of us started to get itchy and red spots popping up on our body parts. I am the worst among all of them. Until today (after 5 days) I am still having lots of red spots and itchy, not able to subside.


p/s : Today it's confirmed from Dr that it's insect bites, not food allergy. May be mites that I brought back from THERE. ARGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!