Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Allergic - Siam Express's Phad Thai Noodle

My last visit to Siam Express in Sep was a pretty OK one as I started to gain back confidence in them. However this round (just one day before I went to Gopeng, Ipoh) I ordered the same dish Phad Thai Noodle, ended up walking out like monster.

Even before I managed to finish off the plate of noodle, my nose and mouth area have already started to numb. I started to rub my palms and feet as they have started to get itchy on the spot! When I was walking out from the restaurant, looking at the mirrow, OH MY GOD!!! My nose has swollen to have become 1 times bigger and guess what, I really felt that my mouth has turned into 2 pcs of sausages! (like those scenes in the cantonese movie)

My colleagues pointed to the 3x tiger prawns that I ate. They believed the tiger prawns were the culprit, perhaps they were not washed or treated properly before cooking for this round.

The rest of them 7x were ordering the set lunch, majority on belacan rice set and green curry chicken set, therefore none of them has any same allergy case like me.

Pls share with me if you do encounter the same case before. Thank you!