Thursday, October 16, 2008

Meals @ Adeline Rest House, Gopeng (Part 1)

Our Gopeng trip 11-Oct-08 to 12-Oct-08.

After checking in, the first activity we did was to soak ourselves in the natural jacuzzi spa. The water is SUPER DUPER cool (water supply comes from the mountain nearby one leh)!

Lunch @ Day 1, before going for White Water Rafting!

During halfway white water rafting in the afternoon, I was already yelling "I am very hungry loh!!!!" The body rafting session was an unexpected event!

What a sad news to us when Adeline told us there's no tea snack for us. :(

Dinner @ Day 1

Bamboo soup! Special leh!!

A soup lover like me of coz sapu habis every drop of it!

Ingredients : Chicken legs, peanut and this yellow thing I couldn't figure out what gua(1) it is.

A blend of chinese+malay cuisine. I truly enjoyed this meal! * it due to the soup?!* :)

The only thing which we kinda dissatisfied is their serving portion was prepared oh-just-enough for you, not much extra would you expect after everyone taking their own portion. AND....all the dishes hardly got any gravy loh.

Supper @ Day 1

Goreng Pisang with homecook style Red Bean Soup

Again, the serving was not enough therefore we requested for more goreng pisang.