Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dragon-Y (龍咁威) Set Lunch

Dragon-Y (龍咁威) @ Suntech Cybercity, next to Sunshine Square.

Friday. Argh! It was fully booked. We 5x waited ~45mins to get our seats!

Super Value Package / Set Lunch :

清補雞腿湯跟飯 - Herbal Chicken Soup with Rice (RM9.90 nett). It comes with one drumstick and 2pcs of big mushrooms.

蜜汁雞腿跟飯 - Honey Chicken with Rice (RM11.90 nett)

酸辣鮑魚米線 - Hot Spicy Abalone Rice Noodle Soup (RM10.90 nett). This one tastes exactly like asam laksa loh!

Each set comes with soya milk (豆奶)/honey jin shen (蜂蜜參茶) & dessert.

There are also :
藥材豬腿拉麵 - Herbal Pork Noodle Soup (RM12.90 nett)
醬皇雞粒拉麵 - Minced Chicken Noodle (RM8.90 nett)
酸菜豬肉絲跟飯 - Sour Vege Pork with Rice (RM8.90 nett)

Besides this, they also provide lotsa choices on ala carte order, including some snacks & desserts.

Overall we found that the food was actually OK. However the guys are BIG EATER lah, so they complained that it's a bit over-priced loh as the serving portion is not that big.

Pls do booking ahead before you go lah if it's Friday ok?!

Add :
1-G-9,Suntech @ Penang Cybercity,
Lintang Mayang Pasir 3,
11950 Bayan Baru, Penang.

Tel : 04-6461668