Sunday, October 05, 2008

Fun Tea Garden

Fun Tea Garden @ Jln Dr.Lim Chwee Leong

This yum char session was proposed by Criz Lai and we - CK Lam , Gill & Jason and me joined.

"Aiyoh, too far liao lah! I cannot see your face leh, CK!" :)

I was the first one to arrive on Sunday morning. I would have missed joining them at FUN (飯) if I was not fkk 'ed (fong fei kei) in the very last minute by another party. *I was cursing while speeding down to town, ha!* :)

Immediately when I saw Criz arriving, I fong sum odi and started walking around snapping photos. He is my license to shoot mah! :)

Do bear in mind that its operating hours is from 12 midnight until 12 noon! Therefore it's a very good makan spot for Umm Kong Jiao (夜貓子)!

Got tu kar chor also, see? The one I liked most was the fu zhuk har kyun (腐竹蝦卷). You can find big fresh shrimp in each bite of it!

The rest of the pics can be merged but NOT this one as IT IS PURPLE. :)

Zhu char menu.

石班魚肉蒸米粉 (Sek Pan Yu Yok Zheng Mai Fun) - The taukeh came for a "how's the dish?" session. We feedback frankly and said iz a little bit over-steamed and it would be a lot nicer if the fish was sliced thinner. The taukeh accepted with open heart. I liked his attitude of being a taukeh who can accept ppl's suggestion or criticism for improvement!
魚翅泓圖面 (Shark Fin Hong Toe Mee) - The taukeh also shared with us his story on how he strove to compete with ~13 dim sum houses in the same town area. That's how this Hong Toe Mee with shark fin comes into picture.

Thanks to Criz Lai & Mr Ooi (taukeh of Fun Tea Garden) for belanja us this meal! You should know what to do har if got anymore such kang tao in future. *wink wink* :)
Fun Tea Garden is located at No.150, Jln Dr.Lim Chwee Leong, 10100 Penang. (opp Prangin Mall).