Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Foh San Dim Sum 富山香港點心茶樓 (part II)

Foh San Dim Sum 富山香港點心茶樓 (part II)

Oh gosh! This Har Kow is good too!

This is another good one! Char Siew Pao!

The external bao pei is soft and just-thick-enough to blend well with easily-melt-into-your-mouth char siew yuk. What a great combination to serve this steaming hot pao with chinese tea!

We were kinda full already therefore we didn't have the chance to try its egg tarts! A bit disappointed...Hmm....Since one of you floggers said that it's GOOD, I must not miss it during my next time visit loh!!

We didn't try this. What is inside there uh?

Not this too.


Tea. A must loh after eating so much oily food. :)

Total amount spent for 8x of us = RM80 plus. Thanks to GE for belanja oh! :p

I hope that one fine day I'll bring my parents there. :) AND....hopefully with you ppl floggers' recommendation, I gonna try out their egg tart, curry chicken bun (which I saw a lot of ppl tao pao back!) and.....what else uh???