Monday, October 13, 2008

Foh San Dim Sum 富山香港點心茶樓 (part I)

Foh San Dim Sum (富山香港點心茶樓)

Last Saturday we 8x colleagues went to Gopeng for white water rafting.

All thanks to Koeh! Finally.......I have come to this famous Foh San Dim Sum House!

I was kinda surprised to know that it is located under the roof of a 'persatuan' oh.

We were very lucky. We got seats at the big table near this entrance in less than 10 mins time!

I seldom eat fried or oily food but somehow I like this very much.

See? The skin is soft crunchy and inside is stuffed with fresh shrimp! Yummylicious!

In Penang I would have stayed away from such 'oily' food. In Ipoh, never mind lah! :p

Another fried food (Wu Kok) that I tried.

I like this one too !!!

...... especially when dipped with this chilli sauce which I found kinda special, unlike chilli sauce that normally dim sum house offers.

Fried dumpling.

Yong Tao Fu - not bad leh! I like the brinjal one very much! It's very soft.

HK Chee Cheong Fun - OK too.

This is another GOOD one! Siew Mai! Well, this round we had one piece each. Longing for more? Come next time lah! :)

Lor Mai Kai.