Sunday, July 12, 2009

CANTON-i Satisfying Meal

Canton-i 香港粥麵家 @ Queensbay

This time our meal turned out to be rather OK due to 'experience' learnt from the past visit. I believe one will need to pay more visits to narrow down their safe-to-order dishes uh?! :)

Roasted Pork (叉燒皇) RM16. This time we were served half fatty half lean. PERFECT ah! This is of course far better than the last visit when it's served as mainly lean.

Stir fried Pepper Udon (黑椒雞炒烏冬) RM16. I like this dish as it's not sheer pepper taste like normal fried pepper udon served elsewhere. Somemore the udon texture was just nice, the inner part was not too hard and the outer part was not too soft either! BUT then....RM16....CKA!

Mango Glutinous Dessert (香芒糯米茲) RM6. I was impressed that it uses mango slices as stuffing, NOT mango cream. BUT one bite is RM2. Wahlau..... CKA !   (more.....)

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