Monday, July 27, 2009

YOUNG HEART RESTAURANT (养心殿) Invited Review (Part I)

This food review was arranged by Young Heart Restaurant for the launching of its newly refurbished menu, which gonna effective from 31st July.

The exterior and interior deco can be read from this post at YOUNG HEART RESTAURANT (养心殿), where you could find some dishes that we managed to explore last time during January.

This time I continue to snapshot some different angles which I could have missed out during last review.

One thing which I appreciated most when dining here is its ample parking space (inclusive of those MPPP parking lots at the roadside there too). I do not have to worry about illegal parking / getting summons or car getting scratches etc.

Upstair now has a room for your private gathering. It's equipped with air-cond and a TV for you to watch your DVD / movie or listen to music. This shot is taken top-down from the staircase when climbing halfway up.

Teng teng teng teng! This is the one! It looks cozy right?!

*Hey pals, I already 'open ceremony' liao. My gang and I have conquered here last week, a pre-celebration for my birthday! See all the handbags there heh?! :) * Mind you, we actually shared our yoga practice inside there too, could you believe it?!

人參烏龍茶Ginseng Oolong (RM15.00) – new item. My rating : 9/10

The ginseng oolong tea leave was originally in 'bulb' shape but once it's immersed in the boiling water for a while, it started to blossom and looked like this. It's a pretty fresh choice for someone like me who get tired of drinking those 'normal' tea.

雙花蘋果茶 Natural Flower Tea (RM9.50) . My rating : 7/10


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