Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Melting Pot Set Meal (with addition)

Melting Pot Restaurant @ Sungai Ara

Melting Pot serves steamboat mainly. It also serves ala carte but pretty limited choices. It has opened for quite long (years?) but I've never stepped into it until one fine day I was sicked of eating economic rice again.

I was pretty impressed with its Chicken Chop. Surprisingly it is tender and actually nice to go along with its special gravy. Unlike those normal chicken chops which is either deep fried till super OILY or just a piece of chicken with fried skin and dry texture in within. I also liked their garlic buns, they were soft in whole and just slightly crispy at outer skin. FYI, I really hate ROCK buns one leh .... that reminded me of SMOKY JACK. Hmmm!

Chicken Chop Set RM8.90 nett.

The complimentary dessert comes with the set- Ai Yun Bing (愛玉冰)

Mee soup RM4.50. Pretty normal.


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