Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Nasi Ayam Periuk Besar - story time again !

Nasi Ayam Periuk Besar @ Monrods Kitchen, D' Piazza Mall

I believe this is another newly opened restaurant that aimed at attracting FTZ workers as customer base during lunch hour but then NOT READY to serve the crowd.

Initially I thought 'Nasi Ayam Periuk Besar' is something like chu char that we gonna order curry chicken in big pot (sort of) until.......................

The story began like this....

We went in a group of 10 persons and we were ushered to the 1st floor since downstair was fully occupied already.

1) We waited nearly 45mins to get our first dish of nasi ayam served. Each time the waiter can only take two plates of nasi ayam on his tray and use that spiral staircase climbing up to 1st floor. When the first 4 of us had finished up their nasi ayam, the rest 6 of us were still waiting for our nasi ayam. [Why not they invest on a lift-type kinda system to tranport their dishes up? even a manual pulling-rope type is GOOD enough to serve the purpose! ]

2) Iced milk tea is priced at RM1.80 but the glass size is like our old time hawker's soya milk that type of small glass. Our first glass of drink was served after waiting for ~20 mins, somemore it's a very thin milk tea. [Why not they use a larger size glass? if smaller glass pls bancuh thicker lah.]

3) Our takeaway order came before our dine-in orders. The take-away nasi ayam which was nicely packed was sitting on our table for ~ 15 mins before our 1st dish of nasi ayam came. [This is simply ridiculous! Don't know who to blame to?!]

4) In between the 4th dish and the 10th dish of nasi ayam served on our table, we detected the waiters were serving three dishes of nasi ayam to the next table who came after us and ordered after us. There is an online system for the waiters to key in orders but then the management couldn't control on the accurate serving sequence. They already kelam- kabut with so many customers rushed in during Friday lunch hour. [They must allocate a supervisor on upper floor too!]

5) We ordered 9x 'madu' and 1x 'panggang' one, it ended up all were served 'madu' one. We simply couldn't afford to return you the 'madu' to exchange for 'panggang' one anymore as we've spent nearly 1 hour of sitting-and-waiting in here already! [Again, the management needs to control and ensure accuracy and speed in serving.]

LUCKILY the waiters although inexperienced, polite still.

Let you see the Milk Tea @ RM1.80+ .

Nice packaging uh?! Take away packaging was charged @ RM1.00+ each. :)

Nasi Ayam Madu (RM5.50+)

Sauce on the chicken was really not bad though! The soup and the chilli sauce were good too.

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