Tuesday, July 28, 2009

YOUNG HEART RESTAURANT (养心殿) Invited Review (Part II)

Continued from YOUNG HEART RESTAURANT (养心殿) Invited Review (Part I)

3+1杯雞麵 3+1 Cup Chicken Noodle (RM7.80+RM1.00) My rating : 7/10

The '3' represents sesame oil (麻油), soya sauce (醬油)and hua diao wine (花雕酒). The additonal '+1' represents chillies (辣椒). This version has fairer colour of sauce and tasted differently from ordinary three-cup-chicken as with the addition of chillies it became more appetizing. The handmade noodle texture is thick but smooth to 'slurp'.

The chicken was cut in big chunks, however I would prefer the chicken to be smaller in size and noodle portion to be more instead. Why?! because I often finished off the noodles fast and still got chickens left behind. :)

莲藕腊肠炒饭 Lotus & Wax Sausage Fried Rice (RM8.80) . My rating : 6/10

This fried rice comes with lotus root, wax sausages, carrot and fried egg. The flavour for this fried rice is richer if compared to the pumpkin fried rice due to the addition of wax sausage. I somehow prefer the latter though. *I was biased uh as I felt that the 'pumpkin' sounded more 'healthy' lah! :) *.

豉油王煎三文魚頭 Pan Fried Salmon Head (RM15.00) . My rating : 7/10

Unlike Japanese grilled salmon, this one is oriental-style grilled with soya sauce. For those who prefer to have gravy or sauce overpowering the fishy taste, you perhaps got to let go this dish then. :) My friends enjoyed this dish as they found that the fish head flesh is much more delicate than normal salmon steak.

梅菜雞 (須預定) Pickled Cabbage Stuff Chicken (Whole Bird-RM28.00) -Need pre-booking. My rating : 6/10

This is to be served for 4-6 persons. If you do not plan to order any other chicken dishes,then this is a good choice. The mooi choy is pretty appetizing but more towards sweetness with slight sourish. The chicken texture is however seemed to be drier at inner part.