Thursday, July 09, 2009

No Eye Deer Restaurant (Invited Review)

No Eye Deer Restaurant @ Prima Tanjung

I was impressed since my first visit to NO EYE DEER a few years ago. I still remember how my Spaghetti Marinara tasted like at here.

Top left where you can see watermelon cubes : Wacky Wizard (RM8.80) Delicious & wacky smoothie of mango yoghurt & pineapple. I dislike the taste of this smoothie as it's sourish + sweet at the same time. I believe it's very much dependent upon the fruit source of that day.

Top right where you can see the one with green apple cubes : Drama Queen (RM8.80) Glamarous smoothie of pink guava & pineapple with sour plum. Sourish taste all along.

Bottom : Chunky Monkey (RM8.80) : A rich and delicious banana smoothie with ice cream & chunky peanuts. Out of the three smoothies, I favoured this Chunky Monkey the most! I could taste a good combination of banana + peanuts blended with frangance.

Wacky Wizard & Pink guava juice (RM4.20) . There are also Lassi available which are priced at RM4.80 each.

Laotian Laksa (Beef or Chicken) RM12.80 [My rating : 9/10]
NoEyeDeer famous signature dish of rice noodle in a spicy & piquant soup with tender beef or chicken, bean sprouts and basil. This is my favourite dish of that night! I seriously fell in love with this dish. I particularly liked the beef version. The beef was tenderly-cooked. Slurping the soup, topped with rice noodle plus that aromatic basil all in one scoop was simply awesome! I couldn't stop but scooping more and more for that appetizing soup !

Chicken Parmigiana (RM18.80) [My rating : 6/10]
Italian styled chicken fillet with stewed tomato and Mozarella cheese. Served with mash potato and salad. This is best eaten when it's served hot. The chicken was a bit dried, not that up to my expectation; perhaps due to our long photoshooting time. I was impressed last time when we had it here .

Today Special : Meaty Beef Pie (RM16.80) [My rating : 5/10]
Served with golden french fries & fresh crisp cos lettuce. The beef stuffed inside was a lil bit too sweet to my liking though. I prefer to have some other side dishes to balance up my tastebuds after each sweet bite of that beef.

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