Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Chulia Street Beef Koay Teow with 'muscle bak' nia nia

打石街牛肉粿條飯湯 (Beef Koay Teow) @ Chulia Street

The one we had on last Saturday looked like this. A bowl of koay teow soup with muscle meats only. RM7.50. Wahlau ei..............

The soup taste for this beef koay teow stall is basically mild (or should I say milder than other similar stalls?). However I heard some saying that their soup base for Saturday is actually a lot milder than the weekadays one (perhaps due to the 'hoi tong' hour is later than usual?!). Anyone has compared before the weekdays vs weekends one? Confirm uh?!

Grrrrr.........Although RM7.50 is a bit CKA, but it's worth spending as none of the beef slices below is KBT (kah beh tui) leh!


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