Monday, July 13, 2009

Yee Heong Choy Kon Tong (菜乾湯)

Yee Heong 宜香茶樓飯店 @ Campbell Street

Yee Heong which is located at Campbell Street (opposite the wet market) is one of my favourite restaurants for chu char as it's very reasonably priced with above average quality.

No fancy dish presentation. No fancy interior decoration. The food quality proves it all.

Choy Kon Tong 菜乾湯 (RM6.00). My most favourite lou for tong (老火湯) from this restaurant. RM6 for such a big bowl woh, tai tou lan lah, hai mai xin?!

Herbal Chicken 藥材雞 (RM15.00).

Lor Hon Chye 羅漢齋 (RM8.00)(more.....)

Hop to Yee Heong Choy Kon Tong (菜乾湯) for full view of this post.