Tuesday, July 07, 2009

老房子 Old House Cafe Vegetarian Set

老房子 Old House Cafe @ Kimberley Street

My dining experience last Thursday at the Old House Cafe was a rather pleasant one. The service was pretty OK. I didn't face any problems e.g. confronting waiters who would never serve you the cili padi or drinks even after repeated reminders being made (that's what my colleagues encountered on last Sunday).

I was actually having lower expectation for cafe kinda food but the dishes that we ordered turned out to be rather OK despite the higher price range.

Take note on the table. Focus on the leg space area under the table. It gonna be not so convenient or comfortable for people sitting at sideway. Where you gonna stretch your legs uh?
Old House Braised Meat with Rice 滷肉飯 (RM7.50 nett).

Serving is big. This is good for those who are carnivorous! :)

Old House Vegetarian Set 素食套餐 (RM12.00 nett)


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