Saturday, August 09, 2008

中國民間瓦缸煨湯 (Chinese Traditional Herbal Soup)

中國民間瓦缸煨湯 (Chinese Traditional Herbal Soup) @ Sungai Ara (opposite Sek. Men. Sg. Ara)

Parts of the Menu :

人參花旗參雞湯 (RM18)

提神補氣清肺湯 (RM18)

老黃瓜薏實排骨湯 (RM15)

百合清潤排骨湯 (RM15)

八寶清補涼排骨湯 (RM15)

蓮藕章魚花生排骨湯 (RM12)

冬虫草花旗參雞湯 (RM20)

霸王花潤肺排骨湯 (RM15)

百合清潤排骨湯 (RM15) with 玉竹, 淮山, 龍眼 - of coz good lah! So many ingredients to cook this bit of soup leh.

The soup serving is big. You can easily scoop up about 6-7x small soup bowls.

I personally think that it will be great if they can also serve zhu char (煮炒) along with their signature herbal soup. Right now they only served economic rice stall kind of dishes.