Saturday, August 02, 2008

Restoran Hai Nan Town

A flogger gathering was held here.

10x attendees were:What2See, Lingzie, Buzzing Bee,Penang Tua Pui, Criz Lai and Gourmet Garden .

I ended up being a person who 'yao sek, yao lor, yao leng' (又食,又'儸',又拎). * pai seh nia*

Left : QEII. Right : yacht pier.

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By courtesy from Criz Lai. 名香泰餅家 (Ming Xiang Tai Pastry House) @ Jln Burma.

By courtesy from Buzzing Bee, homemade fruit tart oh!

Courtesy arranged by Lingzie, from Ritz Cake & Pastry (98-G-23, Medan Fettes, Prima Tanjung 04-8991254).

Ritz green tea cake has always been my top 1 favourite although I am not a 蛋糕痴. Do you know what kind of feeling it was when I knew that it was a greentea cake from Ritz?! " nice leh to have ppl who appreciate the same food like you!" Kam tong ah!!!

It's very paiseh but special loh to celebrate ngao yat with a group of 'strangers' (of coz now they no longer considered so :) ).

It's 'something' in my life path! *wink*