Friday, August 08, 2008

蘭州手工拉麵 & 檸檬愛玉冰

大唐御膳面府 (Tang Dynasty Imperial Noodle Restaurant) @ Jalan Zainal Abidin

Our Aug birdday half day trip started here.

蛋炒麵 (Fried noodles with eggs).

蒸餃 (Steamed Dumpling)

麻辣耳絲 (Spicy pig's ear)

麵類 : 二寬面

麵類 : 三細面. 她無辣不歡.

紅燒牛肉面 (Braised beef noodle)

Previous posts at 大唐御膳面府 Part I & 大唐御膳面府 Part II .

Notes : The noodles' serving was big(!). We chatted with the chefs and they recommended to us this - for next visit, 2x persons ordering 1x bowl and adding some additional dishes to share. We observed that most of the customers were ordering so too.

Fourth stop @ Jetty area for the 檸檬愛玉冰.

Their fifth stop was karaoke whereas mine was home followed by the sixth, Ling's dinner.