Friday, August 22, 2008

Tien Tien Lai Dim Sum Corner (天天來港式點心茶坊)

天天來港式點心茶坊 (Tien Tien Lai Dim Sum Corner) @ Desaria, Sungai Ara.

Due to our 'engagement' with HappyShop's activities in the morning, it's been at least 3 wks we chopped our feet from travelling far.

鮮蝦云吞湯 (Shrimp Dumpling Soup) - Wan than or Shui Kao is one of those which I can't resist ordering IF i ever see one! Good!

魚鰾 (fish bladder) - Good!

皮蛋粥 (Pei Ban Zhuk) - Good!



三角 餃 (Triangle Dumpling)

燒賣 (Siew Mai)

The food tasted OK. In overall is beh than hiam lah.

Compared to the old dim sum house (which has been moved to opposite PISA), this one although is smaller in terms of operation size but the dishes got more 'pattern' loh. Dim sum pi mai pi mai tang tu what, if got no pattern how to attract ppl to visit often woh?! Hai mai sin? :)

Weekdays got ala carte ordering. Hung Toe Mee is one of their signature dishes here.