Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Shanghai 10

Shanghai 10 @ Central Park, Queensbay

We 4x went there for a quick lunch when redeeming our GSC free birthday movie tickets. *Yes, the celebration not yet finish oh, Aug is our party month! *

Don't tell me this restaurant gonna chap lap soon loh. The 'signs' seemed to be hinting us everywhere.

Always no customers during lunch time. The basin 'rosak' for sooooo long already also never wanna repair. The food quality not like last time anymore.

辣香炒腸粉 (RM4.80+) - This was the only one that MM seemed to be satisfied with.

蔥油拌面 (RM4.80+)

芝麻花生糊 (RM2.90+)

龍炒手湯面 (RM7.80+) - ok, you see wan than, u see ME. :)

鼓油龍炒手 (RM4.80+) - BB said," How come ah?! The taste changed already ah? Si fu go back already ah?!" They two kept on discussing ....:)