Sunday, August 03, 2008

My Sarawak Laksa Chap Lap liao!

My gang ngai yee hei, allowed me to postpone one day for my Bird day Sarawak Laksa celebration.

There's no particular restaurants that I wished to go, nor any particular cuisines that I wished to take.

I wanted it plain this year.

"Just Sarawak laksa will do!" I have been missing my Genuine Sarawak Laksa day and night! khi siao liao!

That morning I thought we couldn't have made it already. Luckily 老天爺開恩, at last minute the rain became mild.

Little did we knew that we would be 乘興而去,敗興而歸. My heart sank right in front of the shop's new owner when I knew that MY sarawak laksa chap lap liao. :(

"Ok lah CE, we go and eat fish head lah since I owe (to bring) you (there) so long odi !"

Ching Huat Seafood @ 2004, Bagan Lallang, 13400 Butterworth (04-3314782)

Red Dates Fish (RM26.00)

Spring Chicken (RM7.50)

Char Mee Hoon (RM4.50)

Char La la (RM9.60)

Octopus (RM7.00)

炸雪糕 (RM2.00)

Total = RM60.40. Kam sia, gang!

嗯...... 吃不到砂勞越叻沙是我這次生日的遺憾咧! 難不成要我飛回砂勞越古晉去吃嗎?!