Thursday, August 28, 2008

Seberang Prai City (SPC) Jusco restaurants

Seberang Prai City (SPC) Jusco restaurants.

Nah, I snapped the photos for you ppl liao :). A very quick one har as I was not there for shopping lah. I might have missed out some too!

Ground floor

New faces are : Big Apple, Restoran Black Canyon.

The rest are old faces - 三大天王 (KFC, Mc Donald, Pizza Hut), Nando's, Kenny Rogers, Secret Recipe, Starbucks (Ei, Coffee Bean tak ada bayang ah? or I missed out ?!), 600CC, Baskin Robin, Old Town.

First Floor

New faces : Che Go (korean), Food & tea 歡喜地 (hongkie),Ichiban Ramen, Splendid (cakes & cafe).

Old faces : Laksa Shack, Johnny's, Hongkie Recipe 又一城, , Sushi Queen, Chicken Rice Shop (opening soon),

The center hall stage. The overall layout & walkway ? For me, I would describe it as such - a NIKE shape (with a screw pricked on the buttock) lah. :) The ceiling is high. The shop lots and restaurants all look very big!

The washroom is very spacious loh! See? got chairs for you to pan leng leng oh ! Nak menyusu anak? No problem also lah, got two special partitions for this purpose too! Oh, how considerate of you, Jusco! *muah!*