Saturday, August 09, 2008

Dinner @ Ling's House

When the surrounding lighting is kinda dim, how to take ah? *scratching head liao!*

紅麴腐乳燒肉. Courtesy from my mum.

她家自己栽種的羊角豆. 還有 kangkung 沒拍到咧.

Sarawak 口味 : 發酵豆醬. It's one sort of favourite dishes by Sarawakian.

怡保宴瓊林鹽焗雞 (Ipoh Aun Kheng Lim's Salted Chicken).

Sarawak 口味: '臭藥材'墨魚豬腳湯. The soup base contributor is one kind of Sarawak 'kayu'- an ingredient that tastes bitter (scroll to bottom to see its image).

Sarawak mari punya. 蒸魚. Giant size oi.

Sarawak barley: 煲薏米水. The taste is unlike our usual barley, it's not whitish colour and it's 'thick'-er.

'臭藥材'(?!). I am not sure of its exact term lah.

The salted chicken. Again, yao sek, yao lor, yao leng. *paiseh leh*