Sunday, August 17, 2008

Taiwan Food 台灣風味情

Taiwan Food 台灣風味情 @ Gurney Plaza Basement (04-2265304)

My another belated birthday treat. :)

Its outlet at Midlands has always been our favourite taiwanese restaurant due to its value meal set.

As time passed by, the serving size became smaller and smaller. The day one 2x side dishes + soup + dessert have gradually being reduced to 1x side dish with very much less portion + dessert. OK lah, we understand that the rent here in Gurney is higher and nowadays everything is no longer 'cheap' like last time anymore.:)

Its menu. Posh leh.

Interior decoration. 走高貴黑路線. Chio hor?! Btw, how come the ceiling is so low uh?!

This is the most obvious change in SIZE. Last time it was 'tall L' size. Now you got to add RM0.50 for adding 'pearl' if your set's drink doesn't come with 'pearl'.

Grilled sesami chicken (芝麻雞) with noodle set + drink (RM14.90+) =RM15.65

Mee sua (大腸面線) set + drink (RM11.90+) = RM12.50

Nice lamp uh? Be careful when you approach cashier ah. One tall uncle about 5' 7" (?!) knocked on it. :)

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Other taiwanese restaurants. Kochabi 台灣古早味 at Kochabi (Jan 07) & Kochabi Taiwanese Delight (Feb 08) .

It's been very long time since last visit to Taipei Food Avenue (台北食舍小品) @ Prima Tanjung. Don't know how the pricing goes already.