Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dragon Y - story telling session.

Dragon Y once attracted long queue when it was first opened back in Oct 08.

I happened to be there during Mother's day.

They hired foreigners , very polite, but a bit of conversation breakdown here. :(

He approached me with menu,"Today everything here is 20% discount."

I ordered the set C (herbal chicken soup with rice) . (When I looked at the bill later on, NO discount leh for such set menu one).

I asked for a cup of hot soya for my set C. The set C comes with a drink + a dessert, fyi.
Alright...later I added,"I want an additional order for hot soya." He kept thinking that I was mentioning the hot soya for this set. I got to repeatedly tell him,"No....extra one...I want another cup ...soya...." Poorrrrrrrrrrrrrrr him.


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