Sunday, May 24, 2009

I Mum Mum pan mee (板 面 專 賣 店)

I Mum Mum restaurant @ Pengkalan Weld

Look for this logo! You can spot this logo at the shop lot beside the Jelutong coastal highway, near the traffic light. If you are coming from jetty, at the second traffic light, turn left. Once entering this road, both sides got flats, right hand side got post office (where leading you to the Hock Chuan Heang hokkien cuisine), you go for the left hand side one. It's at the middle row of these shop lots.

The menu. Clear cut. From RM2.80 to RM4.00.

Pan Mee Soup.

All of us opted for THIN noodles.

Spicy Pan Mee. 


Hop to I Mum Mum pan mee (板 面 專 賣 店) for full view of this post.