Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kimberley Street's Koay Chiap + Shiong Hor Hin

Go for a bowl of koay chiap (粿汁) then walk over to Shiong Hor Hin (松鶴軒) for its kwai leng kou (龜苓膏)/ payaya wood fungus tong shui (木瓜雪耳糖水) / medicated herbal tea (苦茶). Chaeng ah! A perfect match for me. 人間享受也不過如此吧 hmm?! :)

The four stalls there at Kimberley Street claimed themselves as Four Emperor Kings (四大天王). They are char koay teow, koay teow thng, koay chiap and tong shui stalls.

Koay Chiap ( 粿汁) RM5 (without additional ingredients' request)

Ingredients are :
Stewed pork.
Duck meat.(more.....)

Hop to Kimberley Street's Koay Chiap + Shiong Hor Hin for full view of this post.