Thursday, May 07, 2009

Ivy's Kitchen Invited Review (Part II - Home-cooked zhu char)

Continued from Ivy's Kitchen Invited Review (Part I - Set Meal)

Ivy's Kitchen also serves home-cooked nyonya cuisine, "pork free". At Ivy's Kitchen, you won't taste the tai pang tong (大牌擋) flavour but home-cooked dishes.

This is their dinner menu. Very simple huh?! They serve mainly crab, prawn, fish, chicken, vege, tofu and soup.

Sweet & Sour Crab.

Gulai Tumis Chinese Silver Pomfret (tao tay, 中國鯧魚). It tasted a bit over-cooked due to long waiting time (Ahem, some late comers....) therefore it's not appropriate to comment since it's our fault.

Assam Prawns - The assam plum sauce all hidden at the shells and legs. A dry version of assam prawns, rather good.


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